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Please do the boring thing and check the care label in each garment. Although the icons mean nothing to most of us, they do give a rather good indication of what you can and can't do on the washing front. Generally, the tops should be washed at 30-40 degrees and always wash dark colours separately - unless you don't care about keeping your whites n' lights shiny and bright of course.

Although the jods are water-repllent, you can just wash them in a washing machine (40 degrees) like normal. However, please DO NOT use any conditioners, softeners or 2-in-1 powders as they cloak the polymers. The cotton is water-repellent and not waterproof, so the water will eventually soak in. They can be tumble dried (at the highest temperature) without any shrinkage and are dyed to a very high standard so as to minimalise colour loss (but do wash dark colours separately as normal). In order to achieve the best water-repellency and on particularly nasty days, we recommend drying the jeans/jods extremely well, either using a tumble drier or by ironing them inside out at full heat with no steam.


Please click on the size guide link to the right of each product to get more detailed information.

For the jods, measure your waist size and not your hip size. The jods are designed and cut with a high-rise waistband to be a perfect fit if the waist size is correct.