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Pay by Chippin

Pay by Chippin

A revolutionary new way to pay for online purchases, Chippin is a payment service that lets you easily and securely split the cost of your basket between as many friends and family as you like.

It's perfect for buying gifts. No more having to chase up people who have said they will chip in, or have that nasty feeling of having to harangue friends and family over the dreaded money issue. Just add them to your list and Chippin sends them an email (TOP TIP: let them know to expect that an email is on the way). They can then choose to contribute or not. It's fun and efficient.

It's also perfect for taking advantage of group buying discounts. For us, there's always a discount for more than 5 tops (20% for 5-9 tops, discount code 5920) and even more for ten or more tops (30% for 10+, discount code 1030), so why not get some friends and see if you can save together.

And finally, it's brilliant for the poor organisers of team kit. Instead of having to chase every single person for payment, just set it up in your basket, apply any discount code and then send each person an email for the amount they owe. If they don't pay, they don't get a top. Harsh, perhaps, but fair.

And if it you don't reach the target, then no-one pays a bean - so there's no harm in trying...