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Every team, club, organisation, company, tour, stableyard, farmyard and charity needs to have good stash. We can help solve this need in a couple of different ways:


We can knock up some super kit for you at splendid bulk prices. And quickly too. There's no minimum quantity requirement but no maximum either. We will make sure that it is as hassle-free as possible.


Clubs and teams should be able to offer their members bespoke kit - but not everyone has a secure e-commerce website from which to sell it, nor the desire to send out orders everyday, nor the time to find out everyone's sizes and preferences.

We've got the solution and would be delighted to take the yoke from your shoulders.

  • We'll set up an entire range of bespoke products and then display, transact, package and deliver all orders directly to your customers for you - and, importantly, at no extra cost.
  • Each person can order individually thereby ensuring the size, colour and style are to their liking.
  • You will receive an email confirmation every time an order is placed and earn a healthy percentage of each sale - it's up to you whether you use that dosh to apply a discount to the products or drop it in your coffers to raise money for your organisation.
  • You will receive your own unique web address and hey presto, you've got a new merchandise shop to link to and share with your members.

Whatever your need, we'd love to help. Please fire us an email at mail@splashclothing.com or give us a call on 01736 339251 for more details.